LEEB, STEPHEN; LEEB, DONNA (2004): The Oil Factor: How Oil Controls the Economy and Your Financial Future

Existen otras ediciones (¿anteriores? ¿posteriores?) con un subtítulo diferente: How to protect yourself -AND PROFIT- from the coming energy crisis.

Financial guru Stephen Leeb shows how following oil prices can lead investors to real financial security. A storm is coming-an inflationary ‘perfect storm’ whipped up by skyrocketing oil prices that will lay waste to millions of portfolios if investors don’t prepare.Renowned financial advisor Stephen Leeb asserts that in this perilous period, oil prices will drive all other economic indicators. But there is a way to diversify away from disaster, by dedicating a significant part of one’s portfolio to real assets that keep their value relative to inflation. Here, Leeb helps readers pick the ‘energy-producer star performers,’ and reveals the ‘double payoff’ to investing in metals like platinum and silver. He also explains why the stocks of ‘mega-insurers’ are a safe bet, and shows how investing in real estate does not have to mean actually owning it. Filled with sound advice for an unstable marketplace, this is the book no one with a 401K can afford to miss.

Genero: Libros
Subjects: beneficios, consecuencias económicas, crisis económica, crisis energética, crisis financiera, inflación, inversión, petróleo, precio del petróleo, seguridad financiera

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