UKERC (2009): Global Oil Depletion – An assessment of the evidence for a near-term peak in global oil production

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), October 2009. Copia disponible en

Steve Sorrell
Jamie Speirs
Roger Bentley
Adam Brandt
Richard Miller

This report summarises the main conclusions from the TPA’s assessment of evidence for global oil depletion. The subject of this assessment was chosen after consultation with energy sector stakeholders and upon the recommendation of the TPA Advisory Group, which is comprised of independent experts from government, academia and the private sector. The assessment addresses the following question:
What evidence is there to support the proposition that the global supply of
‘conventional oil’ will be constrained by physical depletion before 2030?

Genero: Informes y estudios
Subjects: Adam Brandt, diagnóstico, energía, investigación, Jamie Speirs, peak oil, reino unido, Richard Miller, Roger Bentley, Steve Sorrell, Sussex Energy Group, UK Energy Research Centre, UKERC

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