SCARROW, ALEX (2008): Last Night

SCARROW, ALEX (2008): Last Night

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It seems to be a very normal Monday morning. But in the space of only a few days, the world’s oil supplies have been severed and at a horrifying pace things begin to unravel everywhere. And this is no natural disaster: someone is behind this.

Jenny is stuck in Manchester, fighting desperately against the rising chaos to get back to London, where her children are marooned as events begin to spiral out of control: riots, raging fires, looting, rape and murder. In the space of a week, London is transformed into a lawless and anarchic vision of hell.

Jenny’s estranged husband, oil engineer Andy Sutherland, is stranded in Iraq with a company of British soldiers, desperate to find a way home to his family, trapped as transport links and the very infrastructure of daily life begin to collapse around him.

And against all this, a mysterious man is tracking Andy’s family. He’ll silence anyone who might be able to reveal the identities of those behind this global disaster. It seems that the same people who now have a stranglehold on the future of civilisation have flexed their muscles before, at other significant tipping points in history, and they are prepared to do anything to keep their secret – and their power – safe.

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OIL DEPLETION ANALYSIS CENTRE (ODAC); POST CARBON INSTITUTE (2008). Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis

OIL DEPLETION ANALYSIS CENTRE (ODAC); POST CARBON INSTITUTE (2008). Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis

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Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis is a guidebook on peak oil for people who work with and for local governments in the UK. It provides a sober look at how this issue is creating new uncertainties and vulnerabilities for cities of all sizes and explains what local decision-makers can do to address these challenges. This book will help local decision-makers as they prepare for the changing energy and climate context of the 21st century.

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PIMENTEL, DAVID; PIMENTEL, MARCIA (1996, 2008): Food, Energy, and Society

PIMENTEL, DAVID; PIMENTEL, MARCIA (1996, 2008): Food, Energy, and Society

En 1996 ya había una edición revisada a cargo de University Press of Colorado. La de 2008 parece ser la 3ª edición.

Since the publication of the first edition of Food, Energy, and Society, the world’s natural resources have become even more diminished due to the rapid expansion of the global human population. We are faced with dwindling food supplies in certain geographic areas, increasing pressure on energy resources, and the imminent extinction of many threatened species. In light of these major issues, this third edition presents an updated and expanded analysis on the interdependency of food, energy, water, land, and biological resources.

Written by internationally renowned experts, the book includes new material on livestock production and energy use, the impacts of pesticides on the environment, and the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural, forestry, and marine systems. It also compares the energy inputs of crop production in developing and developed countries, covers the agricultural and environmental issues related to water resources, and details the threat of soil erosion to food and the environment. In addition, the book explores the very timely topics of solar energy, biomass systems, and ethanol production.

Offering a startling glimpse at what our planet may become, this edition shows how to achieve the necessary balance between basic human needs and environmental resources and provides potential solutions to the host of problems we face today.

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