OIL DEPLETION ANALYSIS CENTRE (ODAC); POST CARBON INSTITUTE (2008). Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis

URL: http://www.odac-info.org/sites/odac.postcarbon.org/files/Preparing_for_Peak_Oil.pdf -> http://www.post-carbon-living.com/TTWycombe/Documents/Preparing_Local_Authorities_for_Peak_Oil_and_Climate_Change.pdf

Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis is a guidebook on peak oil for people who work with and for local governments in the UK. It provides a sober look at how this issue is creating new uncertainties and vulnerabilities for cities of all sizes and explains what local decision-makers can do to address these challenges. This book will help local decision-makers as they prepare for the changing energy and climate context of the 21st century.

Genero: Informes y estudios
Subjects: 2008, crisis energética, english, gobiernos locales, odac, peak oil, política municipal, políticas públicas, post carbon cities, Post Carbon Institute, preparación ante el peak oil, propuestas, transition towns

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