RUPPERT, MICHAEL C. (2009): Confronting Collapse. The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World

In Confronting Collapse, Mike Ruppert exposes the lies that have been told about energy to protect corporate profits and a collapsing monetary system—the latter of which now threatens all of industrial civilization. The book says what an American president cannot say: that energy and money (the economy) are Siamese twins—joined so closely that they cannot be dealt with as separate policies. If energy gets sick, money must be treated simultaneously, and vice versa. But the present monetary regime is so broken that separating the money-energy twins in a way that saves and preserves life cannot take place without killing one or both.

Of the two, energy is more important to human life. Energy can do work. Energy grows food and pumps water. Energy moves goods and services. Energy sustains life. Money is useless without energy. Unfortunately, our current best energy source—petroleum—is depleting faster than we can transition to other sources. There is now no combination of alternative energies that we can move to quickly enough to sustain the complex, globalized human civilization that was built using cheap, plentiful oil.

Genero: Libros
Subjects: 2009, colapso, diagnóstico, energía, english, peak oil, petróleo

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