SHARMAN, HUGH (2011): Renewables won’t keep the lights on

(Originally entitled “Are Green Times just around the corner?”)


Dr John Constable, the Director of Research at the Renewable Energy Foundation ( has written an important new article, entitled «Renewables won’t keep the lights on», for the on-line Standpoint Magazine at

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Institution of Mechanical Engineers (2011): Population: One Planet, Too Many People?

Institution of Mechanical Engineers (2011): Population: One Planet, Too Many People?

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By 2100, the global human population may reach 9.5 billion with 75% of these people located within urban settlements. Meeting the needs and demands of these people will provide significant challenges to governments and society at large, and the engineering profession in particular.

Four key areas in which population growth and expanding affluence will significantly challenge society are: food, water, urbanisation and energy.

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DECC (2011): The risks and impacts of a potential future decline in oil production

UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

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A DECC report summarising the main outputs of an internal project undertaken in 2007 by then BERR officials on the issues surrounding peak oil…

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Nisbet, Matthew C.; Maibach, Edward; Leiserowitz, Anthony (2011): «Framing Peak Petroleum as a Public Health Problem: Audience Research and Participatory Engagement in the United States»

American Journal of Public Health (August 2011):

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The Institute for Integrated Economic Research (2011): Low Carbon and Economic Growth: Are both compatible in developing economies?

The Institute for Integrated Economic Research.

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Climate Justice Research Project (2011): Planned Phase Out of Fossil Fuels Proposal for a Real Climate Policy

Climate Justice Research Project at Dartmouth College.

Science calls for a finite limit on CO2 emissions. The easiest way to achieve this is to limit fossil energy extraction.

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