McKILLOP, ANDREW; NEWMAN, SHEILA (ed.) (2005): The Final Energy Crisis

McKILLOP, ANDREW; NEWMAN, SHEILA (ed.) (2005): The Final Energy Crisis

A cadre of international experts contributed to this book to provide a truly global perspective on the dangers inherent in our over-consumption of oil, gas and coal. Without fossil fuels, mass-produced food and clothing, international travel, cars, and many more things become rare or impossible. The authors provide details of the problem for a variety of countries, including the US and China, as well as those in Europe and the developing world.

Existe una 2ª edición de 2008, editada por Sheila Newman.

El libro incluye 23 ensayos de diversos autores.

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HEINBERG, RICHARD (2011): La transición alimentaria y agrícola

HEINBERG, RICHARD (2011): La transición alimentaria y agrícola. Post Carbon Institute. URL:, traducción del informe The Food and Farming Transition: Toward a Post-Carbon Food System.

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